Ask most people and the answers you may receive are a shot and a beer or that college football team from Indiana.

The answer you will read here is quite different.

Boilermakers are defined by the work they do.

Work performed by boilermakers requires a high degree of technical skill and knowledge, knowledge attained from years of experience and training.

Field construction boilermakers work on construction sites, sometimes at great heights or  where working conditions may be hot or extremely cold. Boilermakers often use potentially dangerous equipment, such as acetylene torches and power grinders, handle heavy parts, and work on ladders, scaffolds, or on top of large vessels. To reduce the chance of injuries, boilermakers receive extensive safety training and wear hardhats, harnesses, protective clothing, safety glasses and shoes, and respirators. Boilermaker work is physically demanding and may be done in cramped quarters inside boilers, vats, or tanks. The size of materials, tools and equipment handled by boilermakers requires excellent physical strength and stamina. 

Boilermakers are highly skilled workers and receive excellent wages and benefits in return for their hard work.