Congratulations to the contestants of the 2024 Southeastern Regional Apprentice Contest.

Pictured: Donavin W Poland L-667, Anthony Howell-IBB ED, CSO (SAJAC Trustee), Buck J Fendley L-40, Galin F Favors L-108, Joseph R Fasulo L-26, Daniel Torres-Mosqueda L-454, Johnathon J Ramsey L-83, Hong-Linh P Chu L-45, (Rear) Brad Birck-Enerfab (SAJAC Trustee), Codey A Brown L-455.

As of 7/1/2019 Area Apprentices are no longer required to pay a program fee.

External link opens in new tab or windowStudent Website Now Available!

 Apprentices may now login to update contact information, report hours, and check progress.

All Apprentice hours reporting must now be done through the SAJAC Student Website.

SAJAC Policy 5/23/2017:

  • Cancelled apprentices may be reinstated into the program upon the area office receiving a letter of recommendation from the Local Business Manager.

  • Reinstated apprentices must pass a MOST Drug Screening within 48 hours of reinstatement.

  • Reinstated apprentices shall resume the program from the period in which they were cancelled.

  • Reinstated apprentices will serve a probationary period of the lesser of 1,500 work hours or one year. During the probationary period either the apprentice or the AJAC may terminate the Apprenticeship Agreement in accordance with Section IX of the National Standards without right to appeal.

  • An apprentice may only be reinstated into the program one time under this policy.

2/1/2017: Apprenticeship applications are available online for all area Lodges.

SAJAC Policy 1/18/2017:
Apprentices reporting less than one hundred fifty (150) actual work hours during any twelve (12) month period while enrolled in the program will be cancelled for lack of progress.

A waiver may be requested by the Local Business Manager due to lack of available work or other extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the Area Director.

9/8/2016: The BNAP STE Program Earns EPRI AP3 Compliance:

Area Training Facilities are now offering the EPRI Standardized Task Evaluation for Industrial Rigging.

June 2016:

DANIEL A. EISENHART, a member of Local 69 (Little Rock, Ark.), received the 48th annual Paul D. Wedge Memorial Award for the Outstanding Graduate Apprentice of the Southeast Area during ceremonies at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri., June 23. Seven graduate apprentices from the Southeast Area competed for the award at Local 83 (Kansas City, Missouri) June 20-21. Eisenhart and runner-up Adam M. Williams (Local 40, Elizabethtown, Kentucky), and six winning graduate apprentices from the other U.S. area competitions will vie for the top title at the BNAP National Competition August 22-25 at the Local 101 Training Center in Denver.

Also competing in the SEA apprenticeship competition were: John W. Neale, Local 83; Devin J. Gibbs, Local 105 (Piketon, Ohio); Gregory B. Cowart, Local 108 (Birmingham, Alabama); Ethan N. Jaggers, Local 263 (Memphis, Tennessee); Brent J. Eller, Local 667 (Winfield, West Virginia).